City to Host Final Coastal Vulnerability Study Meeting on June 16th

The City of Gloucester’s Community Development Department will hold the final presentation for the ongoing Coastal Vulnerability Study on Tuesday, June 16 at 6:30 p.m. at  Maritime Gloucester, 23 Harbor Loop. The Coastal Vulnerability Study was undertaken as a yearlong process to identify potential flood risks due to storm surge while taking into account future sea level rise.

Sandy Salem News

(courtesy of Salem Evening News)

“The City is working as a team to understand rising sea levels to make sure that Gloucester is prepared,” said Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken. “The ocean means everything to Gloucester so climate change is one of the most important issues the City will confront in the 21st Century.”

 Flood map

The City received a $50,000 EEA grant to hire a consultant, Kleinfelder Engineering.  Kleinfelder produced a complex model of both current and future flooding potential along the 62 miles of Gloucester’s shoreline. After analyzing data and conducting a risk analysis for all municipal infrastructure that may be affected by flooding, Kleinfelder will present strategies aimed at reducing risk from flooding and increased storm intensity. Kleinfelder’s final report will provide a summary of the process, the baseline information, various scenarios and recommended strategies.

gloucester harbor

A working group comprised of representatives from city departments, the City Council, Planning Board, Conservation Commission, and Clean Energy Commission have steered the process.

The final Coastal Vulnerability Study will be posted on the City’s website upon completion and results from the risk analysis model will be incorporated into the City’s online mapping tool.


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