Gloucester Tourism Advertisement Beckons Visitors To “Love It! Live It! Visit!”

The City of Gloucester’s campaign to take advantage of a promising summer season is underway with the broadcast of a “Love it! Live It! Visit!” tourism advertising campaign in upstate New York and Western Massachusetts.

TV ad 3

The ad, which can be seen here or on You Tube, celebrates the City’s historic fishing fleet, beaches, arts and culture, and the iconic Fisherman’s Memorial Statue, is airing throughout the month in a number of communities that carry Time Warner Cable TV, including Albany.

TV ad 2

The ads, which appear on networks like A&E, Fox News, MSNBC, ESPN, Discovery and National Geographic, also are featured on the celebrated Gloucester reality TV series, “Wicked Tuna.”

TV ad 1

News reports have showcased a growing sense of optimism among New England tourism industry experts and officials that the summer of 2015 may be the best season in years due to an improving economy, lower gas prices, and regional travelers who are eager to enjoy a great summer after record snowfall and cold gripped the region. Across the state, hotels, bed and breakfasts, and vacation home rental agencies report strong advance bookings, another indicator of a strong summer tourism season.


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