Gloucester Adopts Green Electric Vehicle Program

Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken today announced that City has received delivery of three all electric vehicles. Gloucester entered into an agreement to lease electric­ powered Nissan Leaf vehicles for municipal use. The new equipment will replace older vehicles with low fuel efficiency, eliminate the use of gasoline for three city-operated vehicles, and generate savings of approximately $4,000.00 per year.


Gloucester is proud to be a Green Community that always seeks to reduce carbon-based emissions and energy consumption,” said Mayor Sefatia Theken Romeo. “This small but important step shows Gloucester is an innovative municipality that is leading the way in the adoption of alternative energy for vehicles.”

Under a Municipal Fleet Incentive program, Gloucester will lease the Nissan LEAF vehicles while receiving a $7,500 Federal Tax Credit and a separate $7,500 MassEVIP grant from Mass. DEP for combined $15,000 savings. In addition to being highly fuel efficient, the LEAFs will remain under warranty for the entire lease and require less maintenance than the existing fleet. Participation in the program will allow the City to provide residents with access to a Level 2 electric vehicle charging station at no cost.


The Mayor will be presenting the new vehicles and powering the new vehicle charging station at the City Hall Annex, 3 Pond Rd, on Tuesday, June 16 at 3:30 PM.

The greening of the City’s vehicle fleet is part of a larger citywide effort to reduce energy consumption and promote renewable energy. In the upcoming months, Gloucester will be converting streetlights to LED fixtures.


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