Gloucester & Gorton’s: 165 Years of Inspiration and Success

By Jan Soolman, Gorton’s

Gorton’s, America’s seafood company, has been headquartered on Rogers Street for 165 years. Gloucester is not just part of the company’s heritage – the city’s values are woven into the very fabric of Gorton’s culture and influences all that it does. Gorton’s has employed some local families for 3 or 4 generations, and is constantly inspired by the rugged beauty of the area and the strong, hard-working people of the town.


Gorton’s devotion to Gloucester is unwavering, and it continues to give back through company and employee programs.  Some of the giving that Gorton’s has done in the past few years ranges from helping to ensure high quality local healthcare to the residents of Cape Ann by investing in the Gorton’s Specialty & Cancer Care Center at Addison Gilbert Hospital, to organizing employees to conduct group volunteer projects at local non-profits including Pathways for Children, the Maritime Heritage Center, and the YMCA. Gorton’s also encourages individual employees to raise money for causes like the Rodman Ride for Big Brother Big Sister, the Special Olympics, the Pan Mass Challenge and the Travis Roy Foundation.


The company’s yellow-slickered icon and beloved jingle, “Trust the Gorton’s Fisherman,” are based on the trustworthy experts we see in the community every day. There is a little Gorton’s Fisherman in all of us and his values can be seen all over this town. We feel privileged to bring that trust and that little touch of Gloucester to all of America.


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