Brewing Up Innovation on Cape Ann

Cape Ann Brewing - a symbol of innovation in Gloucester.

By Jeremy Goldberg

When starting a brewery in Gloucester, the team at The Cape Ann Brewing Company really wanted to pull our inspiration from the people and the city itself. Gloucester is a fiercely loyal community with a diversity that is second to none. Most of all, it is hardworking and honest. That’s why we decided to offer a diverse beer selection here at the Pub (where we have more than a dozen varieties on tap), creating a product that is unique, yet true to style and heritage.

Cape Ann 2
Our innovative approach was inspired by Gloucester itself. We wanted our brand to reflect the spirit and courage of the sailors of the North Atlantic fishing fleet. By offering balanced and hearty lagers and ales while other brewers chase the latest trends, Cape Ann Brewing chose our own path, one that pays tribute to hard work and enduring friendship.
Cape Ann Brewing 1
In essence, we wanted our brand to embody the innovative spirit of Gloucester, through and through. We are passionate about making unique beers with bold flavor and character. Our flagship lager, Fisherman’s Brew, salutes an under-represented style in a craft beer market overloaded with super hopped India Pale Ale (IPA) and light Golden Ale. Our Pumpkin Stout was the first of its kind, full-flavored, rich and dark, a proud Stout that focused on the beer, rather than the special ingredient.
Cape Ann 3
This past summer we took yet another step in building our brand in Gloucester’s image by opening a canning facility in the city. This innovation reflects our Fisherman’s product line, made up of the Brew, IPA and Pils. These are go-to types of beer that reward a hard day’s work. Introducing the Fisherman’s line in cans was a next logical step. This not only ensures superior quality, our Fisherman’s line now comes in a simple, approachable format.

As the Cape Ann Brewing Company continues to grow and expand our brand, we will always look first to Gloucester. We shall never stop living by the old fisherman’s creed, “Share and Share Alike.”

Jeremy Goldberg founded The Cape Ann Brewing Company in 2008.


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