Maritime Gloucester Celebrates Halloween With Marine Mysteries And Sea Monsters

Ghosts and goblins have nothing on the monsters of the sea this Halloween thanks to the folks at Maritime Gloucester, who are hosting a “Marine Halloween – Planktonstein’s Lab” bash on Saturday, October 25th. between 10:00 a.m. and noon.

The event, which is free for Maritime Gloucester members and $7 for non-members, will treat kids (Pre-K to 12 years of age) to a mysterious, monster-filled Halloween party that includes adventures in the mad scientist’s lab, hands-on encounters with creepy creatures and a close-up look at spooky sea science.

The frightening fun begins with mad scientist Planktonstein’s “Monster Mash,” where kids will mix and match different sea creatures to create “Frankenfish” monstrosities. That is followed by the “Create Feature,” an activity where kids hang out with strange sea creatures like spider crabs and sea stars. This hands-on experience is sure to frighten and enlighten. The event concludes with the “Haunted Plankton Lab” where kids will search for sea monsters under the microscope, including skeleton shrimp and sea worms.

Click here to register or visit Maritime Gloucester for more information.


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