Gloucester 2.0 Innovation Insights: Innovation and Artistry

By Anne Stavnes, Gloucester Innovation House

When I first glimpsed Gloucester, roughly 18 months ago, I was taken by the beauty of the area and the scenery.  There is an immense amount of splendor to take in and behold.


The coastline here is truly spellbinding, always reminding that nature can, at times, be fierce. Gloucester is a perfect place for an artist (which explains why there are so many here!) For innovators, it is an inspirational place for other kinds of artistry.

For example, making software is a form of artistry. Software programmers not only create technology, they are also painters and make music. What inspires artists often inspires programmers.


Innovation House is proud to become part of the Gloucester community. In another location, Seltjarnarnes, Iceland, which is very similar to this one, we have made an Innovation House that is home to 19 companies in a location by the sea and the weather. Those companies are generally in the field of software, with a slant toward the Internet. In our new Innovation House here in Gloucester/Magnolia, we look forward to housing some local companies and also providing a place for companies at Innovation House in Iceland and Startup Labs in Norway to visit.


Innovation begins with inspiration and Gloucester offers so much. We believe people will be inspired by visiting this lovely city and appreciate the fact that we are so close to Cambridge and Boston, both with so many  great schools and companies.

Wherever our work takes us, Innovation House hopes that our work will contribute to companies who come here and make a positive impact on the city and society.

Anne Stavnes is the Head of Office HR & Culture for Vivaldi Technologies and Innovation House Reykjavik-Oslo-Gloucester.


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