Stephen Winslow: Bringing Gloucesters’ Community Vision to Life

Stephen Winslow’s mission is Gloucester’s vision.  Like many city employees, the Senior Manager in the Community Development Department is tasked with helping reshape the city as time marches on.  This never-ending work has allowed Steve to help residents plan, revise and ultimately execute projects that benefit Gloucester in ways small and large.


This summer’s reopening of Burnham Field and the restoration of Newell Stadium are two prime examples of Steve’s efforts and the amazing results they yield. For Winslow—a man with a passion for making Gloucester a more active and healthy community—work on these and other projects is a labor of love.


Winslow, an avid cyclist, wears many hats at the Community Development Department, including implementation of the “Mass in Motion” grant which was first awarded to Gloucester in 2009 and more recently, has been extended to cover every Cape Ann community. The grant funds the “Get Fit Gloucester” initiative and its mission to create a “Fit-Friendly” city. Winslow is proud to have facilitated community involvement in this program, which he notes, fueled the success of projects like Burnham Field and Newell Stadium.

Winslow takes pride in providing community members with resources and structure to accomplish their goals. Whether helping residents organize, acquire grants or make the most of budgetary resources, Winslow views himself as a type of urban mechanic. He provides every community project with a framework that allows residents to drive a project forward.


Gloucester is very open to helping residents improve their community, which Winslow notes, helps explain the ongoing nature of his work. In addition to improving Newell Stadium and local playgrounds, Steve is hard at work on the “Complete Streets” initiatives. This project focuses on improving Gloucester’s streets for all residents whether they drive, take CATA, bicycle or walk.  Winslow also keeps busy with other projects that promote school yard gardens and improve access to the City’s hiking trails.

Buoyed by a continued focus on making the community fitter and healthier, Steve continues to work diligently with the community and his colleagues on advancing Gloucester. That’s a vision everybody in the city can appreciate.


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