Gloucester Gears Up for Global Cyclist Showdown

Word’s best cyclists prepare for the 16th Rapha Super Cross Gloucester

gloucester blog 3

 (Photo by Mark Abramson via

For the past 16 years, autumn in Gloucester has meant more than vibrant foliage and breaking out fall sweaters, it marks the return of the Rapha Super Cross Gloucester (formerly The Great Brewers Gran Prix of Gloucester.) The weekend of high-intensity amateur and pro Cyclocross races kicks off on Saturday, September 27th at Stage Fort Park.  On both days, the world’s best domestic and international cyclists will go head to head in a test of stamina and athletic drive.

Cyclocross, the most spectator-friendly form of bicycle racing, unleashes racers on a challenging multi-terrain course that requires dismounting and running while shouldering their bikes at various intervals.  Presented by Great Brewers as part of the Verge New England Cyclocross series, the course highlights Gloucester’s stunning natural beauty, historic roads, and ocean-side locale, while challenging participants with sandy beach sections and bending turns.


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