Ocean Alliance Featured in The Boston Globe

(Image via Ocean Alliance/Bostonglobe.com)

(Image via Ocean Alliance/Bostonglobe.com)

Gloucester-based Ocean Alliance, a whale conservation nonprofit, knows there’s a lot you can tell about a whale from its mucus. Whale “blow” contains hormones that provide key information about a whale’s well-being. Yesterday’s Boston Globe (September 11, 2014) carried a feature article about new technology being developed by Ocean Alliance and students and instructors at the Olin College of Engineering –  “a higher-tech, less obtrusive way to harvest these informative samples of whale mucus” – that allows a drone to hover over the whale’s spout and collect specimens. The new tech is a lot less intrusive than the existing process (boats that use power engine chasing whales while researchers hold 15-foot poles over the whales’ spouts.) Check out the so-called “Snot Bot” here:  http://bit.ly/1smtruZ


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