Gloucester Community Development Department Gets Social – And We Need Your Help To Make Our Online Community Come to Life!

By Tom Daniel

Social media has brought new ways for people to share experiences and discuss ideas. The number of people who have extended their lives online is astonishing (Facebook alone reported 1.3 billion active users at the close of last month), and the number of platforms is expanding all the time.

Like the rest of the world, the Community Development Department sees the opportunity social media presents to engage with the community in new ways. We’re excited to report that our “Gloucester 2.0” program, launched earlier this year on Facebook and Twitter, now features a blog on


This program is designed to share the Gloucester experience through the prism of residents, businesses, non-profit organizations, the working waterfront, innovation and much more, directly from the perspective of the community and key stakeholders.

None of this will work, of course, without you! Gloucester’s story is incredibly rich and vibrant. Our historic working waterfront, iconic beaches, one-of-a-kind artist colony, amazing businesses and employers, and year-round slate of exciting events—there’s so much to talk about, to promote and to explore. Our social media presence highlights the City’s initiatives to foster innovation on the working waterfront and across the city, boost our lively arts and culture scene, and spotlight community development initiatives. And now engagement starts with you—everybody in Gloucester who uses social media to communicate.


With that, I’d like to engage you in a simple request. Please ask everybody you know who uses Facebook and Twitter to follow Gloucester 2.0 social media channels. Here’s what folks will find:

  • The Gloucester 2.0 Facebook page will highlight event information, photos, news and conversation about the Community Development Department’s ongoing work
  • The Gloucester 2.0  Twitter account will provide brief updates regarding upcoming events, blog posts and community news
  • The Gloucester 2.0 Blog will provide comprehensive insight into important Gloucester developments, undertakings and issues


Everybody at the Community Development Department is committed to ensuring that Gloucester 2.0 is an immersive, interactive experience that benefits residents and stakeholders by providing useful information about the city. We would love to hear your feedback as we delve into the digital sphere. Let us know if you like what we’re doing and where you think we could make improvements. Thanks for sharing and being part of our online community!


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